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Development at work … what else?

Development@Work means exactly that: development at work. The development of people, teams and leadership. With an emphasis on power and short-term results, combined with constant reorganisations and rationalisations, companies are becoming more impersonal and rigid. Paradoxically many people are looking for purpose, inspiration and personal development.

Where motivation used to be more extrinsic, focusing on salary and working conditions, people now look for authenticity, want to make an impact and seek out challenges. Development@Work supports this growth of leaders, teams and employees by developing inspiring leadership and the full potential the team. Organizations consist of people and people consist of body, head, heart and soul. If organizations only want their employees to focus on actions (body) and analysis (mind), they are ignoring a large part of their people’s potential and might not keep them engaged in the longer term.

Development @ Work provides tailor-made programmes to develop the potential of (informal) leaders and their teams. Training and coaching aimed at strengthening what is already going well, using talents and creating high performance teams that support each other and achieve results effortlessly.


Our professionals

Development@Work has been providing tailor-made training in leadership, team and talent development for more than ten years. We have a team of senior trainers, who have more than earned their spurs in an (international) business environment. They’ve developed their own personal leadership skills and are strong personalities.

Carin Suurenbroek Owner / Sr. Trainer

Marck Oostra Associate / Sr. Trainer

Sierdjan Westen Associate / Sr. Trainer

Marian Rennenberg Associate / Sr. Trainer

Jesse Kraij Associate / Sr. Trainer

Karla Wieringa Associate / Sr. Trainer

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