Talent Booster – Training

“Know Yourself” is the famous inscription on the temple of Delphi. In our training we work on awareness of what works and what doesn’t work, which creates new possibilities for growth.

If I look at things differently …
I think differently
I feel differently
I use my qualities differently
I communicate differently
I change my attitude and behaviour
And my environment changes with me

Training modules that we offer a.o. in our Talent Booster programme:

  • Personal leadership: Participants become aware of their qualities and pitfalls and their patterns in communication and collaboration.
  • Style flexibility: What is the effect you have on others and how can you improve this?
  • Courageous conversations: Participants learn which warning signals indicate that a conversation is changing into conflict and which five strategies you can apply to restore safety.
  • Crisis simulation: In a game setting, participants are challenged to give their best. In a competitive environment ,participants are invited to leave their comfort zone and to show their true potential.
  • Story Telling: How can you tell a story that inspires and activates others?
  • Motivating Others: Trainees learn how to deal with resistance and motivate others in a playful way.




Here you will find an example of a Talent Booster programme which we offer to one of our international customers. Naturally this programme can be adapted where necessary to suit your wishes and the competencies that you want to develop.

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